Parking lot intelligent lighting renovation program
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停车场智能照明改造方案 一、目前现状:目前,很多建筑都建有地下停车场,由于这些停车场面积大、光线差,车辆经常出入,很难实现停车场内部照明的自动控制,而需要大量的照明设备长期照明。目前大部分的地下车库、停车场都采用的是T8荧光灯等能耗较高的光源.....

Parking lot intelligent lighting renovation program


The current status:

At present, many buildings have underground parking lots. Because these parking lots are large in size and poor in light, vehicles often enter and exit. It is difficult to achieve automatic control of the interior lighting of the parking lot, and a large amount of lighting equipment is required for long-term lighting. At present, most underground garages and parking lots use high-energy light sources such as T8 fluorescent lamps. According to authoritative statistics, underground garages and parking lots have less than 30% of real or car activity per day. The remaining 70 % of the time is no one or car activity, but the lights have been fully lit, which not only caused a lot of energy waste, but also caused a major economic burden on property management.

Magic Essence T8 Intelligent LED Radar Induction Dual Power Lamp, which can control the moving object and intelligently control the full brightness and lightness of the lamp. When someone comes in, the car will automatically light up 18W, 20 seconds after the person or car leaves the sensing area. Automatically turns to light 3W. Regardless of the new or reconstructed parking lot and underground garage, T8 intelligent LED radar induction dual-power lamp is the preferred light source for the implementation of intelligent energy-saving retrofit project.


The program advantage

1. Intelligent control: Function 1: The person or the car is fully illuminated, and the person or the car leaves the sensing area and is extinguished after 20 seconds.

Function 2: When the person or the car comes to the full light, the person or the car leaves the sensing area and turns to the slightly bright 3W.

2, intelligent delay: leave the sensing area (8-30S adjustable) and turn to light or light off

3, energy saving: more energy saving about 65%

4, long service life: the use of high-quality lamp beads and advanced production technology, the average service life of up to 50,000 hours.

5, sturdy and durable: 1/2 aluminum + 1/2 plastic tube elliptical high-gloss PC diffusion cover, lightweight and sturdy, flame retardant and durable.

6, no strobo: low pressure start quickly, no stroboscopic, anti-stun.

7, environmental protection green: no lead, mercury and other pollution elements, no pollution to the environment.

8, high efficiency: luminous efficiency can be as high as 80Lm / w, high color rendering index, good color rendering!

9, no radiation: no ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation

10, long sensing distance: sensing distance 6-8 meters

11. This energy-saving renovation plan can also be applied to supermarket shopping mall lighting, factory workshop lighting and other places.

The engineering case

1. Project Overview:

An underground parking lot of a commercial complex in Guangzhou needs energy-saving renovation:

The first floor of the negative: an area of 12,000 square meters, the current use of a single tube of 36W of ordinary T8 halogen powder straight tube 1000;

The area of the second floor of the negative floor is: 12,000 square meters. The current T8 halogen powder straight tube with a single tube of 36W is 1000 pieces;

The area of the third floor is 80 million square meters, and the current T8 halogen powder straight tube with a single tube of 36W is used;

Design lighting duration: 24 hours / day.

2, there are problems:

A. The energy consumption is too large, and the annual consumption of more than 850,000 kWh is only a small amount;

B, the self-consumption power is up to 9W, and the annual consumption is up to more than 210,000 kWh;

C, starter and lamp are often easy to damage, frequent maintenance and high cost.



For the customer's "smart energy saving priority, cost reduction" requirements, it is recommended to use the magic intelligent Yang 18W T8 intelligent LED radar to sense dual power lamps (18W power T8LED tube illumination is equivalent to 36-40W power T8 halogen powder tube.) It can save 65% energy consumption and the life expectancy is up to 50,000 hours (normal T8 halogen powder tube is 3000 hours). Illumination, longevity and stability have far surpassed the original T8 fluorescent lamps. The most important thing is not only energy-saving, but also intelligent, the ratio of 18W and 36W+9W (Note: the power consumption of the inductor ballast with T8 tube) is obvious, and, at 70% of the time, the power of the intelligent T8 tube is 3W; Not only the customers benefit, but the country also saves energy.

The effect of use:

(Quantity: 2700, according to 24 hours per day, 365 days a year, 1 yuan per kilowatt, maintenance labor costs 10 yuan / hour)


T8 intelligent LED radar induction dual power tube (T8 bracket) 18W [brightness: 80lm per watt]

Ordinary fluorescent tube (T8 bracket) (36W*2) [Brightness: 40lm per watt]

One day working time

24 hours

24 hours

One day's power consumption (saving 1846 kWh per day)

2700 × 18W × (24h × 30%) ÷ 1000W / hour = 349.9 degrees

 2700 × 36W × 24h ÷ 1000W / hour = 2332.8 degrees


One year's power consumption (saving 674,082 kWh per year)

 486 degrees × 365 days = 177390 degrees

 2332.8 degrees × 365 days = 851472 degrees

Annual electricity bill (saving electricity costs 674,082 yuan per year)

177390 degrees × 1 yuan / degree = 177390 yuan

 851472 degrees × 1 yuan / degree = 851472 yuan

Preliminary input cost

 78.6 yuan × 2700 pieces = 212,220 yuan

 15 yuan × 2700 pieces = 40,500 yuan


In addition to the initial input cost (78.6 yuan - 15 yuan) × 2700 yuan = 171,720 yuan, the annual electricity savings of 674,082 yuan, which calculated 171,720 yuan ÷ 674,082 yuan × 12 months = 3 months. The cost can be recovered within 3 months after the transformation, and every month will be earned!