Led radar sensor bulb
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Sound-sensing induction lamps are widely used in today's building construction. The sound-control lamps are inexpensive, easy to use, and energy-saving, which brings convenience to people's work and l...

Sound-sensing induction lamps are widely used in today's building construction. The sound-control lamps are inexpensive, easy to use, and energy-saving, which brings convenience to people's work and life. However, it is also convenient for the property companies and residents. In order to reduce the cost, the manufacturer basically adopts the thyristor component in the voice control system. The voice control lamp can only use the incandescent lamp as the light source and the power cannot exceed 40W, otherwise the controller is easily burned. The voice-activated switch and the incandescent lamp have a short service life, and the voice-activated lamp is mostly used in public places, and frequent switching greatly reduces the service life. The incandescent lamp of the voice-activated switch is frequently damaged, which affects the normal lighting of the user. In addition, the characteristics of the voice-activated lamp, the sound of the passer-by, the clap, the cough and the like seriously affect the rest of the residents. The residents complain frequently, and the property company invests a lot of manpower and resources to replace the light bulb and the switch. Maintenance costs remain high, and it is even more difficult.

To this end, after making sufficient market research, our company has reached a cooperation with Dongguan Heming Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. to sell its Led radar induction ceiling lamp (bulb lamp). The product consists of a radar sensor controller, a lampshade and a light source. When the light is dark enough, the light sensing value is in accordance with the light-on condition, the control circuit is unlocked, and the induction light is in a standby state. When the human body enters the sensing range, the radar sensing device detects the signal and sends its signal to the control circuit. Turn on the light, if the person continues to move within its range, the sensor light will always be on. When the person leaves, the radar sensor detects that there is no activity in the range. After 25 seconds, the sensor light automatically turns off and waits for the next work. When the light is relatively strong, such as the day or the naked eye can completely see the item, the light sensing element transmits the real-time light signal value to the control circuit, and the control circuit locks the sensor light switch according to the signal value, and the whole lamp is in a sleep state, even if someone If it is active within its range, the lights will not light up and there will be no power consumption. The product adopts led light source and has a longer service life.

Led radar inductive ceiling lamps (bulb lamps) have the following advantages:

First, smart. Based on actual use, humanized design, application of intelligent sensing control technology, super energy saving.

Second, convenient. ~185-240V AC power supply, lampshade, light source, induction control system as a whole, easy to install.

Third, security. Installed in a frequent access position can save the trouble of frequent switching, and can also avoid the fall, collision and other possible damage to the human body caused by the black switch.

Fourth, energy saving. When people come to light, people go out of the light and completely eliminate energy waste.

5. Long service life. The radar controller has a normal service life of more than 4 years.

Radar induction ceiling lamp (bulb lamp) use range:

First, the aisle and stairwell. In these two positions, the personnel's access is relatively frequent. I believe that not many people will actively switch the lights, and it is not convenient. It is suitable for Led radar sensor lights.

Second, the bathroom and the bathroom. Whether it is at home or other places, the environment in these two locations is small, the lights are dim, and the commercial venues are bright lights. If Led radar sensor lights are installed, it will not only save energy, but also improve the quality and quality of life.

Third, the warehouse. The biggest feature of the warehouse is that there are many products, and the stacking is disorderly. The traditional lighting lines are controlled by sub-area. In order to find a certain product, it may be that the lights are all turned on before they are found. When leaving, they have to turn off the lights one by one, which is inconvenient for work. And the installation of the radar sensor light is like following a person who turns on and off the lights for you. You can concentrate on your work.

Led radar induction ceiling lamp (bulb lamp) is designed by MCU circuit, active remote sensing working mode, with good stability and strong anti-interference. The radar microwave sensing distance is about 8 meters, and the sensing angle is 180°*360°. Easy to install and maintain, it is very suitable for large-scale use by construction developers and property companies.

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