T8 single bright (integrated)tube light 25W

  • T8 single bright (integrated)tube light 25W
  • T8 single bright (integrated)tube light 25W
  • T8 single bright (integrated)tube light 25W
  • T8 single bright (integrated)tube light 25W
  • T8 single bright (integrated)tube light 25W
T8 single bright (integrated)tube light 25W
Operating Voltage: AC85-260V
Color temperature: 6500/4000
CRI: 80
Working environment: -20~60℃
Light range: <7Lux
Sensing distance: 6~8 meters
Induction angle: 360*160°
Delay time: 30±10S
Control method: Radar induction
Power: 25W
Sleep power: /
Lamp length: 1.5 m
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The structure of LED radar induction fluorescent lamp is basically divided into light source integrated induction module, drive circuit and heat dissipation device, which creates LED bulb lamp products with low energy consumption, long life, high luminous efficiency and environmental protection;

Scope of application: energy-saving automatic lighting public places such as corridors, corridors, bathrooms, basements, garages, warehouses, and monitoring.


Intelligent induction: When a vehicle enters the detection range of the product, the working point of the microwave detector is fully illuminated. When the vehicle leaves the detection range, the light is automatically adjusted to be slightly bright.

Intelligent delay: The switch automatically delays one cycle after detecting each activity of the human body, and starts with the delay time of the last vehicle or human activity.

Working mode: After the sensing function is turned on, if there is vehicle or human activity during the delay time period, it will continue to be connected until it leaves and delays the time.

Radar sensing function: more sensitive, more accurate, farther sensing distance, wide angle, no dead zone, can penetrate glass and wooden wall, free from environmental, temperature, dust and other effects.


1. Prohibit live installation operation, no load short circuit

2. Prohibit the use of super load power

3. In the sensing area, do not have obstacles that affect its detection or objects that keep moving.

4. Do not use the object as the installation base

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