18W Ultra-thin B ceiling lamp

  • 18W Ultra-thin B ceiling lamp
  • 18W Ultra-thin B ceiling lamp
  • 18W Ultra-thin B ceiling lamp
  • 18W Ultra-thin B ceiling lamp
  • 18W Ultra-thin B ceiling lamp
18W Ultra-thin B ceiling lamp
Operating Voltage: AC160-260V
Size: Φ320*H60MM
Working frequency: 50-60HZ
Color temperature: 3000K/4000/6500K
CRI: 70
Working environment: -20~60℃
Material: Chassis, frame ABS, PP surface
Light range: ≤5-8LUX
Sensing distance: 5~8 meters
Induction angle: 160*360°
Delay time: Double bright mode, after leaving the sensing area for about 15-20S, it will be changed to 3W; In th
P   F:  ≥0.6
Power: 18W
  • Description


The structure of the radar induction ceiling lamp is basically divided into a light source, a drive circuit integrated induction module, and a heat dissipation device, thereby creating a LED ceiling lamp product with low energy consumption, long life, high luminous efficiency and environmental protection;

Scope of application: energy-saving automatic lighting places such as corridors, corridors, bathrooms, basements, garages, warehouses, and monitoring.


Intelligent induction: When someone enters the detection range of this product, the microwave detector works to illuminate the light. When the person leaves the detection range, the light is automatically turned off, which automatically recognizes day and night.

Intelligent delay: The switch automatically delays one cycle after detecting each activity of the human body, and takes the delay time of the last human activity as the starting point.

Working mode: After the sensor switch is turned on, if there is human activity during the delay time period, the switch will continue to be connected until the person leaves and delays the time.

Intelligent photosensitive control: According to the external light intensity, to control whether the switch works, to achieve energy saving effect.


1. Prohibit live installation operation, no load short circuit

2. Prohibit the use of super load power

3. When the wall thickness is less than 10 cm, the switch may be insulated by the wall.

4. In the sensing area, do not have obstacles that affect its detection or objects that keep moving.

5. Do not use the object as the installation base

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