Investment target

1. Has many years of experience in commercial lighting products and engineering operations, and has an engineering project development team.

2. Have strong engineering service capabilities, as well as local engineering resources and good personal connections.

3, has a brand display store, as well as product inventory, logistics and distribution capabilities.

4. Be brave enough to take pressure and actively implement various policies in accordance with the requirements of the headquarters to accomplish all goals.

5, is willing to use lighting as a lifelong career, and create a smart lighting platform with Dingsheng.

Investment policy

1. In the prefecture-level city, each city is preferably an exclusive agent in the region.

2. The exclusive agent of the region must set up the Magic Chiyang Monopoly Zone. The area of the exclusive sale area is not less than 10 square meters.

3. The regional exclusive agents shall implement the “five unified” according to the regulations of the headquarters: unified image, unified brand, unified product, unified price and unified service.

4. It is not allowed to represent similar brands or products that are positioned in the same way as Magic Zhiyang Lighting.

5. The company headquarters will evaluate the next agent qualification according to the completion of the regional exclusive agent target.

Cooperative partner

Magicsun provides systematic and professional support to dealer partners across the country to build a magical wisdom lighting business.

1. Strict regional protection support to protect the regional interests of distribution partners.

2. Strict price policy to ensure the superior cost performance of the project lighting supply.

3, professional brand image design and output, to protect the brand reputation.

4. Support and support for the terminal exhibition hall to ensure the unified image of the store or district.

5. Orderly new product planning and research and development to ensure product iteration cycle.

6. Professional sales training support for engineering sales to ensure the professional ability of distribution partners has been improved.

7, a variety of terminal sales tools support, to ensure the expansion of distribution partners and the increase in the transaction rate.

8. Professional brand promotion and marketing support to ensure brand awareness and influence.

9. The docking and support of national engineering resources to ensure the business expansion of distribution partners.